博彩平台网址大全 respects the privacy of your personally 身份信息 and does not, 在任何情况下, rent or sell personal information submitted by visitors to our site to any outside third party.

Personal information that you submit to this Web site will be used only for the purpose for which it was asked, 例如, information submitted on the 入学s section of our web site will be used for admissions purposes. 总, non-personally identifying information may be both used internally and shared externally, 例如, 分析网站访客统计数据.

The university is committed to upholding our community members' and visitors' right to privacy.



在履行其教学使命的过程中, 学习与奖学金, the 大学 employs a variety of record keeping systems and collects and uses a variety of information associated with its past, 现在和未来的客户, 包括教师, 教职员及学生. 除了遵守所有适用的隐私和保密法律, the 大学 respects and protects individual privacy through this 主私隐声明 and, 在适用情况下, 一系列私隐声明附录. Privacy Statement Addendums are specific to the information being collected and/or the specific academic or administrative units that collects it. 私隐声明附录(如适用)会在收集资料时出现.



The General Public: Unrestricted readers of, 大学 produced, Printed Materials and Web Site
Personally 身份信息: Individually 身份信息 including any of the

  1. 全名或部分名称
  2. 家庭住址或其他实际住址
  3. 电子邮件地址或其他电子地址
  4. 电话号码或其他通讯设备号码
  5. 社会安全号码或其他身份证明号码
  6. 出生日期
  7. 驾驶执照号码
  8. 信用卡或财务账号
  9. Any other identifier that permits the physical or online contacting of a specific individual.
  10. Any information concerning an individual in combination with an identifier described above. 特别是,
    b)针对所有人,受保护的健康信息(PHI). The Privacy Rule provisions of  the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 define PHI as all "individually identifiable health information" held or transmitted by a covered entity or its business associate, 任何形式的媒体, 是否电子, 纸, 或口头." Does not include non-individual summary information used for statistical purposes. 不包括作者作品, 版权信息或电子通信,如语音邮件或电子邮件.

记录保存系统:用来收集资料的系统, 组织和存储个人身份信息. 记录保存系统可能从简单的文档到电子表格再到电子表格
database and are primarily intended to facilitate administering activities related to the mission of the 大学.



个人申请的大学. 这些信息可以是关于


  1. 《博彩平台网址大全》包含FERPA规定的非机密内容.
  2. 对于员工来说,被HR定义为非机密的信息.
  3. For everyone, information that the Information Provider explicitly designates as not confidential.

Privacy Flag: Students may request that Directory information not be shared with anyone, by



  1. Secure all personally 身份信息 using appropriate and generally practiced security measures and technology.
  2. 目录信息除外, consider all personally 身份信息 as confidential under its Computing and Communications Confidentiality Policy, sharing it only on a need-to-know basis under the terms of 本主隐私声明及任何适用的隐私声明附录.
  3. Directory Information will not be shared with the General Public without its owner's explicit permission.
  4. 对目录信息进行良好的管理, 在适用法律下适当使用, 本主隐私声明及任何适用的隐私声明附录.
  5. If it is required to do so, comply with the law or with legal process and disclose personally
  6. Retain the right to use personal information in its systems to identify the source of any inappropriate usage of its electronic resources as outlined in its Information Technology Policies: Acceptable Use Policy.
  7. Change this 主私隐声明 from time to time without prior notice or consent, 但是如果做出改变, 这一事实将得到突出和广泛的传播. A Change history for the 主私隐声明 will be maintained off the Privacy Statement link on Pacific's 首页 Page.
  8. 接受所有违反隐私声明的指控并采取行动 privacy@727a.net.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise in a specific Privacy Statement Addendum, Pacific may:

  • 共享个人身份信息, 在需要知道的基础上, with authorized third parties (non-Pacific entities) that provide service to the 大学 and that have contractually agreed to point (1.).
  • Share protected Health Information with authorized third parties as permitted under the HIPAA Privacy Rule solely for the purpose of treatment, 付款, 或者医疗保健业务.
  • Not provide personally 身份信息 to third parties for any purpose unrelated to the mission of the 大学 without the explicit permission of the information provider or as specified in the HIPAA Privacy Rule. 这包括, but is not limited to the marketing of commercial goods or the provision of commercial services.
  • 共享个人身份信息 within Pacific in support of its mission of teaching,
    学习与奖学金 and the administration thereof so long as the Privacy Statement
  • Obtain personally 身份信息 from third parties (collected information), 仅在进行大学业务所需时使用, and will treat that information as if it were directly obtained from the person in question.
  • Request personally 身份信息 for the purpose of obtaining access to and/or verifying authorization to use services or facilities of or sponsored by the 大学, 特别是通过电子手段进行电子服务.
  • 在信息输入源中添加同意行, 比如表单或屏幕, stating that by their agreement their information will be managed under the 大学's Privacy Statement and/or a particular Privacy Statement Addendum(s). 不签名将停止相关的业务流程, perhaps resulting in the inability of the 大学 to provide desired services or considerations.